Myth 1: Work-life balance means 50% work & 50% family time

Myth 2: Work-life balance is actually work-family balance

Myth 3: Having a work-life balance means getting to do everything we want to do in a day of 24 hours

Tips to adopt a better work-life balance

  1. Don’t overbook yourself. Attend only to those tasks which you can complete and yet have some time to relax
  2. Strictly prioritize chores. Only things that are a priority should be chosen first. Later if you have time you can choose the non-priority ones
  3. Organize to-dos. It helps save time and energy
  4. Learn how to say ‘no’, especially when your priorities are not met. Later you can always find time to explain
  5. Let go of perfectionism and know that it always won’t be perfect
  6. Reduce the use of technology and if possible, unplug occasionally. You will come back rejuvenated and afresh
  7. Exercise and meditation are essential. It activates your parasympathetic nervous system inducing a state of relaxation
  8. Limit time-wasting activities and people. Remember the idea is to conserve personal energy
  9. Keep changing the structure of your life by being flexible. What didn’t work out the usual way may need a new approach. Be open to changes



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