8 Life Lessons We Have Learned In 2020

The global COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be hard on all of us. It has intensified the uncertainty over the economy, finances, employment, relationships, and not to mention, physical and mental health. On the flip side, the evolution of humankind has shown that no matter what, we do have the potential to rise against all odds! Here are some valuable life lessons that we have learned in 2020 so far.

Expect nothing & appreciate everything

With the sudden announcement of nationwide lockdown, almost overnight, we adopted so many new changes: our way of living, traditional way of socializing, and our requirements changed. Terms like social distancing, self-isolation, quarantine, and vaccine have become a part of our day-to-day conversations! The only priority at this point in time was to stay safe and sustain ourselves.

Now, the rat-race and the desire to win in our lives seem irrelevant. It makes no sense any more since survival is all we want now. Today, we have paused to experience life, appreciate it, and find meanings in it.

Mother nature heals everything

Did you know that back in China, 1.6 million premature deaths happen a year and recent studies have argued that the reduction in pollution caused by the COVID-19 lockdown may have saved 50,000 lives in return!

Carbon emissions have reduced and there’s a definite change in biodiversity as our species are in a temporary retreat due to the lockdown; peacocks are being spotted on the roads of Kerala; deers are grazing a few miles from the White House, Washington. Destruction of humankind, hence, like creation, is one of nature’s mandates.

Health is the number one priority

In every corner of the world, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals are working relentlessly to save lives. One of the major realizations for humankind during this pandemic is that the ratio between the healthcare providers and the general population is alarmingly low, everywhere in the world.

Thus, it’s the responsibility of human beings to encourage healthcare services, redistribute wealth to increase the welfare of health because, at the end of the day, it is the basic needs and rights for every secure person.

Prevention is better than cure

The archaic quote holds extremely true in the present times. PPE, N-95 masks, sanitisers, and hand washes have become a mere luxury for many people across the world due to unavailability and also accessibility while it’s the only preventive measure to be taken to fight the virus.

Thus, it is indisputable that actions and proper measures are needed to make preventive measures more accessible to commoners until a cure comes.

There’s always a plan B

Across the world, millions of students, teachers, and employees have swiftly shifted to working remotely, making us realize how outdated our systems are. In many cases, although of course not all, it is a fair realization for humankind that it is possible to work remotely, at least in part, without spending hours commuting and polluting the world.

At least, the pandemic has taught us that all of us can maintain our productivity at work without wasting resources.

Turn a negative situation into a positive one

The pandemic has taught us that digital access must be seen as a utility all across the world just like, electricity and plumbing. As the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus continues to rise in India, the healthcare industry is witnessing an increased trust and adherence to online consultations or telemedicine among consumers.

Such a trend is not only observed in India but is being seen across the globe as telemedicine becomes the first point of contact for most of the suitable suspects. This clearly shows a positive development and shift towards AI-based medical innovations of the next generation.

Enjoy the little things in life

As we continue to embrace the ‘new normal,’ we have the opportunity to discover the little joys of life that we probably have been missing out on.

The independence of spending time with family (no more away from home), looking after our self and our family with no distractions what so ever, gaining that ‘extra-time’ to explore and learn something new, rekindling our past and existing relationships, learning to share responsibilities equally and cooperate with everyone around us in and outside of our homes.

This too shall pass…

Sooner or later, we will enter a post-COVID-19 era, get back to our normal lives with ‘no mask on,’ But we must never forget what we have learned in the last couple of months.

Let’s bring about change in the world because change starts with us and now we know, we have the power to do so.



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