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Here are some low intensity & enjoyable sports you can try in your 30s to get your body going.

The 30s can be a challenging decade. Along with having achieved a certain level of career success, you may have also developed some lifestyle-related health disorders while having a family to run. To add to this, long working hours, unhealthy eating habits and limited social life can indeed overwhelm you and your body. Therefore, adding some ‘fun’ especially exercises in your life can give you an emotional and physical boost. Here are some low impact, enjoyable sports activities you can try in your 30s to get your body going.

Throw a punch: Boxing

Regular boxing can help you develop strength. When you throw punches in the air or at the punching bag, the movement of muscles in your arms and shoulders move increases the upper body strength. Also, during the crouch position, slightly bent knees promote strengthening your legs, back and core muscles. However, keep in mind that fitness boxing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Before taking up this sport, talk to a doctor if you have conditions like osteoporosis or osteoarthritis.

Make a run for it: Running

Running is perhaps one of the oldest sports activities and one that offers immense health benefits. It can help maintain a healthy weight, strengthen muscles and build strong bones. In fact, a recent study also suggested that running for just 50 minutes a week at a moderate pace can lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. However, this does not eliminate the risk, a combined effect of family history, diet and lifestyle can still contribute to your lifetime risk.

Take the plunge: Swimming

You don’t have to swim laps or break records to reap the benefits of swimming. Do it for fun and for fitness’s sake. Swimming in a safe pool offers exciting benefits and lesser injury risks which are usually associated with other forms of physical activities such as resistance exercise. Swimming for 30–60 minutes daily can help lower blood pressure, promote weight loss, tone muscles and improve your mood. If you love water, then you should try considering this sports activity. Be sure to talk with your doctor before signing up for the sessions.

Put the pedal to the metal: Cycling

Cycling not only gets you outside but it is a fun and a great way to exercise. It is an inviting sports activity that is not hard on the knees and is more convenient than swimming or running. It is a low impact sport that increases your muscle strength, builds endurance, improves posture, decreases body fat and reduces stress. Keep in mind to correct your technique and positioning. It is recommended to go for short distances if you’re cycling for the first time.

Get the groove on: Dancing

Dancing is an enjoyable form of a fitness exercise– gyms these days have Zumba classes for this very reason. When you start dancing regularly, you will experience the following benefits: increase in strength, more flexibility, better balance, reduced stress and fat loss. If you want to keep your body and mind healthy in your 30s, then dancing is your go-to exercise. However, make sure you consult an expert before picking up any dance form.

Note: It is advisable to speak to your doctor or a fitness expert before taking up any sports activities.




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