10 Things You Should Do When You Test Positive For COVID-19

1. Move to isolation, take your time to adapt to the situation

2. Figure out your options on how you will be receiving your treatment

3. Speak to everyone you have come in contact with over the past two weeks and inform them of your positive status

4. Subscribe to MFine’s COVID-19 Homecare Plan

5. Make an itinerary for your next 2 weeks in isolation

6. Make a list of things you might need for the next couple of weeks at home

  • A pulse oximeter to check your pulse and oxygen saturation regularly
  • Spirometer, a device that helps in deep-breathing exercises to build lung capacity
  • A digital thermometer to measure your body temperature regularly
  • Paper gloves, hand sanitizer, surface disinfectant, 3 ply masks, disposable bags- all of these are important to maintain personal hygiene and to prevent further spread of the virus. (Note: These items are only to be used by the infected person, they should not be shared amongst other members in the house)
  • Multivitamin, Vitamin C and Vitamin D supplements, that help boost your immunity
  • A basic list of grocery items that include ingredients for a nutritional, healthy and staple diet along with fresh fruits and vegetables
  • A list of apps providing contactless delivery and a sanitized bag to leave outside your door for the same
  • Disposable tissues in order to regularly clean and disinfect your house while wearing a mask
  • Emergency lights, candles, batteries and phone chargers
  • Toiletries like adequate toothpaste, soap, shampoo etc that you might need
  • A stable WiFi connection or a good net pack (if you do have optimum access to these)

7. Prepare a chart for 14 days to analyse your health status every day

  • Pulse rate: Your pulse rate can be checked using your pulse oximeter. Normal pulse rate ranges from 60 to 100 beats per minute.
  • Oxygen saturation: This is a very important vital sign to take note of, as it is a direct indicator of any respiratory effects from COVID-19. Generally, having your saturation over 92 percent is normal. If your spO2 drops below 90 percent you may need hospital care even if you have no breathlessness yet.
  • Temperature: Record your temperature twice a day and maintain a chart to notice any sudden spikes leading to fever. Normal body temperature can be between 97 to 99 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Blood pressure: If you have a digital BP machine, you can check your BP twice a day. Ideal BP would be between 90/60mmHg and 130/80mmHg.
  • Symptom checker: Make a note of every symptom that you might be facing. You can further describe your symptom as mild, moderate or severe. Additionally, specifications like “3 episodes of loose stools”, “20 minutes of moderate headache”, etc can be very helpful to keep track of the progression of the infection.
  • Appetite: Keep a note on how much you are eating, and the regularity of it. General loss of appetite during sickness is expected, more so when you might experience loss of smell or taste in case of COVID-19. Less appetite with worsening symptoms could be indicative of the need for hospital care.
  • Bowel and bladder habits: Keep an eye on how much you are urinating and passing stools. A low urine output and consistently increasing frequency of loose stools calls for possible hospital admission for further management.
  • Mental well-being: It is not a new story or expectation if one does not feel low during the isolation phase. Make a note of how you are feeling- make a note of any panic attacks or feelings of depression so that you can seek help if you need help with stress management.

8. Find ways to keep yourself busy, it is the time to be self-indulgent

9. Call your family, friends or relatives you love and trust

10. Stay vigilant about your actions, act responsibly with information



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